Favourite: Better Your Life With This Cool App

I'd like to share with you an app that I stumbled upon recently and love. This post isn't sponsored (ha, as if my blog is big enough for that), I just immediately loved the concept of this clever new app. The app I'm talking about is called YOU-app, and it's purpose is to improve your life by giving you very small actions to do every day. What makes the app even better, is that it's backed by no one other than Jamie Oliver.


How To Cope With Being Unemployed

I recently got the sack at the donut shop I have been working at since I returned to Melbourne. The reason: financial problems. "We were happy with your work and you can put us down if you need any references, but we're just making some changes." Houdoe en bedankt, they would say where I come from: thanks and seeya. But hey, that's life.

I can't say I'm overly sad about losing the job itself. Yeah, I was quite attached to my steady income and the unlimited supply of donuts was pretty great (and equally bad), but it wasn't like my whole career went up in flames. It wasn't a very challenging job, I didn't pour my heart and soul into it, so it wasn't much of a loss. Despite that, I still fell into a pretty deep ditch from the first day of unemployment. Why? Because how do you cope with all this free time without driving yourself crazy?

This article isn't about how to find your next job or how to cope with the grief that comes with losing something important as a job might be to some people, it's about how to cope with that stretch of time between the last job and the next step.


Wilson's Promontory: finally going camping again!

It might already be Tuesday, but I'm still kind of on a buzz from this weekend. It was really good. I have been wanting to go on another camping trip for a while but have struggled to find people together. Then last Thursday I had a look around Couchsurfing and saw a post by two guys going down to Wilson's Promontory. Wilson's Prom has been on the top of my list, so on Friday we got together and on Saturday we were on our way!


The first 3 months of 2015 in books

Partly due to getting an e-reader for Christmas in 2013, I read quite a few books last year, more than the 15 books target I had set myself. At the start of this year, I started another book challenge in Good Reads, and thinking I'd be busy I thought 15 would be another good aim. However, I've been reading like mad these past couple months, and I've already read 8 (!) books. The challenge has been scaled up to 20, and I have composed a list of the books I've been reading lately:


My to-do list for 2015

Oh man, resolutions are so terrible. We all hate them, yet we all still make them. Last year I made the resolution (ha!) to instead of making vague new years resolutions like 'eat better', make a specific running list of goals that I will cross off and update as I go. And I reached most of the goals. I read more than 15 books, I was able to run 5K and I managed to reach my savings and weight goal. This is what works for me, and this is what I'll keep doing. It's like a big 'to do' list, and the satisfaction of crossing items off is amazing.

So what's on my list this year?


Street art in Melbourne: Smith street surrounds, Collingwood

Melbourne is known as one of the street art capital in the world, so when in Melbourne and in doubt of what to do, just strolling around an area and going on the lookout for some cool murals and pieces is a great idea. This weekend I went to Smith street in Collingwood and took some time to wander through the nearby streets and lanes searching for decorated walls. I found plenty! This is a great area for this kind of urban exploring, and I'll be sure to come back. Here are some of the pieces I found.